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My goal is long-term fashion, that brings in minimalism, style and comfort.

TANYA AGGARWAL / Founder Muvazo

Who we are?

Muvazo was founded in 2022 By Tanya Aggarwal as a subsidiary of Dhruv Globals Ltd, which is directed by Mr. Shri Ram Goyal. Dhruv Global is an example of success in the garment manufacturing industry. The company has a 150,000-square-foot vertically integrated plant in Faridabad, which is conveniently placed near Delhi. Dhruv Globals' garments are manufactured using cutting-edge technology, ensuring high quality control and swift turnaround times. 

The company's proficient team of specialists stays ahead of the competition by emphasizing methodical management, quality assurance, timely delivery, and cost control. Their vertically integrated structure incorporates knitting, dyeing, sewing, embroidery, and printing facilities, allowing them to manage all processes in-house. Dhruv Globals Ltd is a shining example of excellence in the garment export industry.


Muvazo, a Delhi-based Athleisure wear brand for both women and men, epitomizes the essence of sophistication and sustainability in fashion. Rooted in the ethos of slow fashion, Muvazo stands out for its commitment to premium quality, timeless style, and ethical production practices. As a subsidiary of Dhruv Globals Ltd., a renowned name in the apparel export market, Muvazo inherits a legacy of excellence and innovation.

Embracing the essence of simplicity, Muvazo designs garments that transcend fleeting trends, focusing instead on timeless elegance and enduring durability. We believe in investing in pieces that are not only built to last but also crafted with ethical production practices in mind. From fair wages and safe working conditions to waste reduction and sustainable materials, Muvazo is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry while championing authenticity and personal expression.

In a world where climate change looms large, Muvazo offers a way for individuals to align their style choices with their commitment to a healthier planet.

Fabric, Quality and Fit overview

At Muvazo, our dedication to excellence, authenticity, and skilled craftsmanship permeates every aspect of our production. Each item is meticulously fashioned within our nation's borders, honoring the essence of 'Made in India' and celebrating our rich cultural heritage.  We take pride in sourcing a diverse range of premium materials, including knit fabrics like interlock and single jersey, as well as woven fabrics such as cotton voile and chambray. Before any material is integrated into our designs, it undergoes thorough testing to ensure durability and performance, adhering to our exact standards. Furthermore, we prioritize achieving the perfect fit for our customers, conducting comprehensive size set reviews to refine our patterns and guarantee impeccable tailoring. Whether you prefer a relaxed or tailored look, our garments are crafted to complement and enhance your individual silhouette. We also emphasize the importance of garment care, offering guidance on maintaining the quality of our fabrics based on their composition. From cotton's susceptibility to shrinkage to polyester's sensitivity to heat, we provide recommendations to prolong the life of your clothing. At Muvazo, we blend fashion with function, offering trend-forward collections designed to seamlessly transition from the studio to the street. Loved by celebrities and fashion influencers, our garments embody both luxury and performance, inviting you to experience the beauty of mindful movement with every stitch.


Muvazo's vision is to redefine the athleisure wear landscape by offering premium, high-quality products that exude an elevated style statement. Our goals are rooted on the ideals of simplicity, sustainability, and slow fashion, and we aspire to set new industry standards. Driven by a passion for sustainable fashion throughout the supply chain, our in-house fabric manufacturing goals are to produce environmentally friendly knit textiles that emphasize both comfort and beauty. Muvazo manufactures garments that represent luxury while satisfying the different needs of its clients through carefully crafted fabric combinations that enhance durability, texture, and looks. From high-quality cotton fabrics to warm fleece and versatile jersey, our range reflects a dedication to fine textiles and vibrant color depths. Overall, Muvazo envisions a future where fashion seamlessly integrates with sustainability, quality, and timeless style, empowering individuals to make conscious choices without compromising on sophistication or comfort.

Athleisure wear has seamlessly blended the worlds of athleticism and fashion, revolutionizing how people dress for both activity and leisure. This versatile style trend encompasses clothing designed for workouts, airport look, lounging, and everything in between, offering a perfect balance of comfort and style. 

In conclusion, athleisure is not just a trend; it's a lifestyle choice that prioritizes comfort, functionality, and style. With its widespread appeal and commitment to innovation and sustainability, athleisure is set to dominate the fashion landscape for years to come.

  1. Consumer Preferences: Athleisure wear appeals to a wide range of consumers, including those who are active in sports and fitness as well as those who seek comfortable and stylish clothing for everyday wear. Millennials and Gen Z consumers have been driving the demand for athleisure wear due to their preference for comfort and casual styles.
  2. Influence of Celebrities: Celebrity endorsements have propelled athleisure into the mainstream, shaping consumer preferences and fashion trends. Collaborations between athletic brands and high-profile figures amplify its appeal.
  3. Sustainability: With rising environmental awareness, athleisure brands are embracing sustainability, integrating eco-friendly materials and practices to reduce their environmental footprint and attract conscientious consumers.

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