Our Story

Muvazo is a Delhi-based Athleisure wear brand for women and men launched by Tanya Aggarwal in 2022, with a vision to offer premium and high-quality products with an elevated style statement. With a strong emphasis on the essence of minimalism, sustainability, and slow fashion, Muvazo is focused on the quality of the product begins at its core.
Launched under one of the most renowned names in the country’s garment export house industry, Dhruv Globals Ltd., Muvazo strictly adheres to the quality and innovation standards set by the company. Hailing from a well-established garment house, the brand leverages its verticals to create garments with well-balanced compositions and a beautiful blend of fabrics.

As a believer of sustainable fashion across the supply chain, our in-house fabric production is driven by ecologically viable knit fabrics that also aim at comfort and beauty. We thoughtfully create blends of fabrics that increase the durability, feel, and look of clothes that speak of luxury. The range of high-quality cotton fabrics, warm and dense fleece, comfortable interlock, and jersey and terry fabrics meet the needs of fine textiles and color depths of each fabric effectively.

"My goal is long-term fashion, that brings in minimalism, style and comfort!"

Tanya Aggarwal | Founder Muvazo